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Fresque et sketches, 2nd round

Created 2005.

« Fresques et sketches 2nd round » is composed of snapshots linked together by
the object, like two runners are by the baton.

« Fresques et sketches 2nd round » is the second part of a work
comprised of sketches. In this play, soldiers, drum-majorettes, air
hostesses, watchmen, inspectors… perform, a world of uniforms in a
protean society.


Jongleur pas confondre

Created december 2004.

What is “Jongleur pas confondre” ?

As in circular theatres where physicians used to deliver their
lectures in anatomy, a speaker is there, rambling on his “study-object”
–to some extent, his guinea-pig- the latter being exhibited on a
pedestal in the middle of the ring: a juggler. Resorting to various
approaches-geographical, historical, economical, socio-political, and
philosophical, the speaker therefore claims to “consider the subject
from all angles”, that is to say, he will say “everything about


Ascenseur, fantasmagorie pour Ă©lever les gens et les fardeaux

« Ascenseur, fantasmagorie pour Ă©lever les gens et les
fardeaux Â»

« Elevator, Phantasmagoria for lifting people and
loads Â»

An Open Letter on
the Desires of a Juggler.

Ladies and gentlemen,
members of the audience, jugglers and non-jugglers, artists…

The art of juggling has
been around for centuries.

Men and women throw
objects in the air, up and down, and these objects fall back in the palms of
their hands.



Foreword -
« P.P.P. Â»

Before going any further, I need to explain how this
creation came about.

In my experience, each creation is a puzzle, often taking
shape in an anarchic way, the pieces of the puzzle falling into place over time
and following certain events.

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